Every year, I watched a grand fireworks display in celebration of Panama’s Independence Day. The sheer magnitude of the events surrounding Independence Day has always amazed me. Tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people, coming together to watch fireworks, and to appreciate and celebrate life as we know it here in Panamá.

In years past, at least for me, it’s really just been a reason to get together with friends and family and to have a great time. This year though, I stopped to think about WHY people celebrate “independence”.

Why do towns and cities across the country, ranging in size from the smallest little farming community to the largest metropolis, spend so much money to celebrate Independence Day?

MILLIONS of dollars are spent on fireworks that disappear into smoke and ash in less than an hour’s time. While I’m sure some events are designed to make a profit for the organizers, for the most part – the costs of these celebrations are paid by the communities that hold them. Big bucks spent, simply to celebrate independence. Why do we do it?

Simple answer: Independence is grand.

If the independence of a nation is something worthy of this kind of celebration, then how meaningful is your own PERSONAL independence? Personal independence can be defined as possessing the resources and the ability to live your life as you choose to.

Consider all the “independence benefits” you enjoy as someone who works for him or herself. Just starting out, you might not have the luxury of taking a week or two off and travelling to your favourite destination in the world, but most likely it’s because of a finance issue – not because there’s someone else telling you that you can’t do it. As you reach higher and higher levels of success and income working for yourself, you also benefit from a greater freedom of time.

How many billionaires do you think beat themselves up over taking a day off to play golf every now and then, when they feel inclined to? Our guess is: not many.

Only when working for yourself will you ever have complete independence; freedom of time and money. And when you have freedom of time and money, you are afforded the opportunity to grow in other areas of your life, such as improving your relationships with those important to you, learning new skills or taking up a new hobby.

So, as someone who is self-employed (or that we presume WANTS to someday be completely self-employed), how can you get a boost down the path to personal independence?

 Here are some suggestions.

Examine your past: Think of the periods in your life when you’ve felt “trapped”, or controlled by others, and try to plan your future in a way that will allow you to live your life as you please, by avoiding similar circumstances.

Improve your energy levels: If you want to quickly increase your lot in life, one of the best ways to do it is to increase your energy. People say that “time is money”, but when you’re investing time into making money – you’re not getting the maximum benefit from it unless you are also putting focused energy into it. There are several ways to increase your energy levels, such as eating healthier, getting more or better rest and our personal favorite – making a living by doing something you love.

Evaluate your days: At the end of each day, spend a moment to recreate your day in your mind. What energy did you put into doing things that brought you a step closer to personal independence, and what energy did you spend doing things that just passed time? What energy did you spend doing things that took you a step in the wrong direction?

Chart your expenditures of time and money: Keep track of how you spend your time, and your money. You might be surprised by what you learn, and by what you’ll want to do differently.

Spend less money: Consider your purchases. Don’t purchase goods or information that are not in line with your overall plan. Buy the off-brand as long as you’re pleased with the quality. Don’t spend every night at a restaurant when you can eat at home for much less. Kick the lottery ticket habit!

Earn more money: Put your time and energy in something you enjoy doing, and find a way to profit from it. The quickest way to increase your income is to put time and energy into your own ideas. Nobody ever became wealthy on hourly wages alone. Realize that between your mind, your life experiences and your imagination, you have everything needed to make a million dollars in the next few years. The key is to properly focus your thought, your time and your energy into making it happen.

If you’re not already actively working towards your own independence, you should be. Millions of other people might not dedicate a day to celebrating YOUR independence, but you’ll celebrate it EVERY DAY.


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